How to Order

Step 1: Select – Find the vehicle you want to purchase.


Our various search engines will help you select a vehicle according to your requirements and preference.
Our Vehicle search engine helps you search by location, make, model, year, price range, and vehicle type.
You can also use our quick search by entering the Make, Name, Model, or Stock No. You can see the detailed photos by clicking the photos on the pages of our stock list.

If the vehicle is not listed in our stock, an you are looking for something special or in particular eg. hiab trucks,Wrecker, Sport cars etc ,please feel free to contact us for a quote!

Step 2: Request- Get a quote for the particular vehicle.

If you found the vehicle that your’re looking for contact our office for Quote, this will be Emailed to you it; will include the total cost of the vehicle on the road and the down payment required. If the vehicle is not listed in our stock, and you are looking for something special or in particular eg. hiab trucks,Wrecker, Sport cars etc ,please feel free to contact us for a quote

Step 3: Payment


After you have Receive proforma invoice (QUOTE) and pay the required down payment depend on type of purchase by managers check, telegraphic transfer, money order,or by linx

Beneficiary bank account:

All customers should send money only to

EuroJapan Motors Ltd or Dillian Persad
Bank Details are as follows below



Euro Japan Motors Limited

Account Number# 470462828031





Account #2252578





Account #1202940





Account #110000002637408


We also accept credit cards,Visa MasterCard etc
WARNING! We strictly advice our customers not to deal with FAKE EMAILS.
Do your PAYMENT Transactions only with the below E-mail address
Correct Email Address:

Note: If you find anything suspicious in the invoice, please contact us immediately.
As soon as you complete your payment, please send us a copy of the confirmation receipt of payment to or Attach it in the next step (Step 4) or

Call our office : +1(868)-288-AUTO(2886)/ Cell : +1(868)-366-3163



Step 4: Order – Click “Order Vehicle from Euro Japan Motors Limited”to submit your vehicle info.


After you have made your down payment please fill out form 1, that is (Order vehicle from Euro Japan Motors Limited), attach the receipt to the form and submit. You will received a confirmation email acknowledging your receipt & order information

Note: Registration is compulsory for Ordering. If you are not registered yet, please register now!  Make sure that your contact details are accurate. If the vehicle is not listed, please feel free to contact us for a quote and the required down payment base on our sale agreement



Step 5: Shipment 



As soon as we receive your down payment, will start to arrange the shipping. A proforma invoice will be sent to you by email. For prompt shipping, please make your payment as soon as possible.

Payment must be made ten (10) days before the  15th & 30th the of every

month to book shipping deadline.

We will not start to arrange the shipping unless your deposit is confirmed. Full payment, decided based on the mutual agreement, must be made for you to receive a vehicle/vehicle(s).Receive your booking details, shipping information and other necessary documentation, after your have provided us with the requested documents.


Step 6: Custom Clearance



After Your vehicle have shipped, it will normally take 5-6 weeks to reach Trinidad & Tobago if the country of origin is Japan or 2-3 weeks if the country of origin is England. Euro Japan Motors has its own brokerage service, the car will be cleared and registered by us. If you require our brokerage service please contact us!


Step 7 :Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance



 These are only for selected Vehicles, depends on the sale arrangement made with EuroJapan Motors limited ,when cleared customs is inspected and undergoes diagnostic scan, buff and polish, oil change etc.



Step 7: Drive!



Receive your vehicle with other respected documents depending on the sale agreement!


For any inquiries and questions about the condition of your vehicle, feel free us at


Thank you,

And its been a pleasure doing business with you.

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