Requirements for Vehicle WORKMAN PERMIT

  • A completed application form
  • A letter of application stating the number of persons that are to be transported and reasons for the need(to carry company‚Äôs workmen to various job sites,etc) and any other information that may be relevant to the application
  • Insurance to cover the additional persons that will be carried in the vehicle
  • Certified copy of the vehicle showing name of registered owner.
  • Inspection certificate to cover relevant period
  • For maxi-taxi type vehicles, the company name /logo must be painted n both side of the vehicle.
  • Lit of passengers who will be transportd in the vehicle.
  • Must produce satisfactory evidence that the persons who are carried in the vehicle are employees of the company.(Proof of NIS payment for workers)
  • If the application is not made personally then the person acting on behalf of the registered owner must produce proper authorization and identification.
  • Vehicle must be be presented for inspection for safety and suitability for the purpose requested.
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